The most common roofing problems

Knowing how to predict roofing problems can be a real money saver. If you know where to look and how to watch for some common roofing problems, you will spare yourself the trouble of having to replace your roof. If you are able to catch damage early and prevent a roofing problem before escalating, you can ensure a long life for your roof. Remember, it is always better to repair a roof than replacing it.


With that in mind, we will list some of the most common roofing problems so that our readers know what they might expect and what to look for. Checking the state your roof is in from time to time would be a very wise thing to do. Now, installation and ventilation, as well as the quality of the roofing materials, will greatly determine the life of your roof. Most problems come from the faulty or poor installation.


Installation is always a number one problem and most issues come from a poor or faulty roofing material installation. Such installation dramatically increases the chance of various roofing problems. Neglecting such problems might significantly reduce the life expectancy of your roof system. Now, the most definite common roofing problems are moisture and leaking.


Unfortunately, no matter how good the quality of your roof is or the material, moisture always finds a way. That is why we mentioned that regular inspections are most recommended. Debris, ice, snow, hail, rain and wind, they all lead to moisture that tends to get under the layers of your roof. If left unaddressable, that moisture further leads to rot, mold and eventually leaks.



Pay attention to flashing installation


Flashing seals the points of penetration on your roof such as cooling and heating systems, chimneys, sky lights or vent pipes. The poor flashing attachment can cause open laps and seams which will eventually result in the blowing off of tiles. Improper installment of flashing might lead to having to replace the entire roof. It also largely reduces the puncture resistance in the roof.


As adorable as it may seem, birds and small animals tend to nest in your roof. They can cause more damage than you can possibly think of so evicting them before they get a foothold might be a wise choice. Insects also can cause a lot of damage, depending on the species. If water ponds on your roof, that is a sure sign that there might be a problem.


Improper drainage or debris pileup might be the problems as well as HVAC gutters and units. Inspections are good because you can find any penetrations and punctures in your roofing material caused by hail or wind. The flashing and sealant around penetrations like HVAC and household appliance vents need your regular attention.


Now, one of the most important things to pay attention to when it comes to your roof is ventilation. Attic and roof ventilation directly determine the life of your roof and improper ventilation can cause multiple problems.


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